Alaska salmon fishing and Alaska halibut fishing are our two most popular Juneau fishing charters. The Spring Chinook (King) Salmon are fully mature salmon that are returning to the area to spawn.  These fish average 20-25 lbs. and arrive in large numbers.  Usually on June 10th, the daily catch limit on these fish is raised to 4 per person, with no annual limit.  This is the most generous Chinook (King) Salmon limit in Alaska.  The Feeder Chinook (King) Salmon are not returning to the area to spawn.  These fish are immature and are simply following the baitfish and schools of other salmon to the inside passage.  They will remain in the area as long as feed is available.  Typically these salmon aren't as numerous as mature spawning salmon and even though the majority of them are under 18 lbs., some have reached a size of up to 60 lbs.

Chum (Dog), Sockeye (Red), Coho (Silver), and Pink (Humpy) Salmon all arrive in vast numbers and provide excellent action.  Chum (Dog), and Coho (Silver) salmon can reach weights of over 20 lbs., and Pink (Humpy) salmon up to 10 lbs.  Sockeye (Red) Salmon feed on smaller species, like plankton, and aren't naturally aggressive to be caught on sportgear.  Because we only catch a dozen Sockeye (Red) Salmon a year, this species isn't included on the chart.  All four of these types of salmon have a daily catch limit of 6 fish per person.

Rockfish are plentiful throughout the area and some of the larger varieties have weighed up to 25 lbs.  Halibut vary in size from 20 lbs. to our catch record size of 258 lbs.  These fish are often caught in the same area as rockfish and their fighting ability provides a memorable experience.  The daily catch limit of these bottomfish are 1 halibut and 3 rockfish per person.This chart reflects the historical average of past fishing seasons.  It is only to be used as a guideline.  The timing may vary from season to season and charter to charter.



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